VOLUME 11, ISSUE 10 – OCTOBER 7, 2012
Saint Vincent De Paul Society:

  • Rev. Roberto Cid Spiritual Director.
  • Pier V. Luporini: President.
  • Tania Quintana: Vice-President.
  • Dennis Joseph: Vice-President.
  • Patrick Athanas: Treasurer.
  • Adele Neumann: Secretary.

The Vincentian / El Vicentino

Vo. 12, #7 / July 14, 2013

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Annual Report to Parishioners

The St. Vincent de Paul Society’s fiscal year ends on September 30 and it is time, therefore, to provide you with a report of activities and finances. Thank you once again for your great generosity. You contributed a total of $94, 454.08 during fiscal year 2012 to assist the needy. May God bless you abundantly.

We are serving more people than ever on Saturdays at our food pantry. On average we distribute more than 200 bags of food to families and an average of 25 to the homeless. Thanks to an increased supply from the Feeding South Florida Food Bank we are now able to provide people with meat almost every week. This makes a substantial difference in their nutritional needs.

In FY 2012 our income was, as stated above, $94,454.08. Our total expenses were $108,305.79. We experienced a deficit of $13,851.71. Our biggest expense by far (57.1%) was food: $61,864.94 , followed by rent assistance ($26,758.76 or 24.7% of total). We remind everyone that every penny you give goes directly to the poor.

Once again we will have a Thanksgiving luncheon for the poor and seniors with no family in our community. In addition, we will distribute toys to children in December. Announcements for volunteers and donations will follow.

Since we assist with food and other services many people from South Beach, Saint Francis de Sales parish has now entered into a partnership with St. Patrick’s. Through your generosity you allow God in you to serve God in others. Thank you!


Thank you St. Francis de Sales

For many years, Saint Patrick has been serving with food people who live south of 69th Street in Miami Beach. St. Joseph takes care of those living north of 69th. For other assistance, such as partial rent and electricity, St. Patrick’s SVDPS helps residents from all of Miami Beach. This year, however, we had a substantial deficit, since we are serving many more people than before. Saint Francis de Sales parish is now partnering with St. Patrick and they will take up a monthly collection which will supplement our own. This should help us on fiscal year 2013 to serve those who come to us in need. Please continue to contribute generously.

Thank you. We cannot do it without you!!!!