All groups are taught by a Teacher and a Teacher Assistant. All staff members have the 45 hour training from the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Teaching Staff Members have the following credentials: Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC), National Child Development Associate, AA Degree in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor Degree in another field with credits in Early Childhood Education.

The Director has the Florida Child Care Education Program Advanced Director Credential. All staff members have a current certificate of completion of Adult, Child and infant CPR and national Safety Council First Aide for Adults, Child and Infant.

Group Lead Teacher Teacher
1 Ms. Marvia Perez Tosca Ms. Macarena Monje
Ms. Olga Zapata
2 Ms. Leticia Acevedo Ms. Marita Carti
Ms. Zuleima Queipo
3 Ms. Ms. Sharon Jones Ms. Iris Rosales
4 Ms. Marcela Nerone Ms. Margarita Laucirica
Ms. Amber Turner
5 Ms. Yolanda Mantilla Ms. Beatriz Rodriguez
6 Ms. Barbara Montagne Ms. Adriana Fuentes
7 Ms. Paz Barrueto Ms. Paola Zarate
8 Ms. Tiara Wheaton Ms. Claudia Martins

Gisella Pejoves

Claudia Tapia
Mommy and Me Teacher

Eloisa Pimentel
Curriculum Specialist

Vanessa Bauer
Office Manager

Alicia Herrera

St. Patrick Catholic Preschool
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  • (305) 538-8004 / Fax (305) 938-1091