Welcome to the official website of St. Patrick Catholic School in Miami Beach, Florida.

Under the guidance of various Pastors and administrators, St. Patrick Parish School approaches almost 100 years of academic excellence and Catholic youth formation. As the current principal of this wonderful school, I couldn’t be more proud!

Bertha Moro.

Saint Patrick’s Summer Camp!!!

Grades K – 6
June 12 – July 21, 2017 (6 weeks)
8:30am – 3:30pm
Extended Hours – 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Activities Include: Soccer, Dance (Zumba), Basketball, Religion, Chess, Karate, Swimming (Flamingo Park), Tennis, Robotics, Music, Arts & Crafts, Weekly Field Trips (Additional Costs Vary)

  • 3rd Quarter Perfect Attendance

    Kindergarten A & B
    1st Grade
    2nd Grade
    3rd Grade
    4th Grade
    5th Grade
    6th Grade
    7th Grade
    8th Grade


  • 3rd Quarter Honor Roll

    Principal’s Honor Roll
    Denise Suarez (6)
    Lucas Olaciregui (8)

    1st Honors
    Marco Andres (4)
    Valentina Azcarate (4)
    Alexandra Burnham (4)
    Sebastian Charris (4)
    Juliette Egea (4)
    Alba Haw (4)


  • Catholic Value – Honesty and Integrity

    Kinder A - Jayden Suley
    Kinder B - Giovanni Griego
    1st Grade - Matteo Miller
    2nd Grade - Daniel Auza
    3nd Grade “A” - Melissa Brauer
    3rd Grade “B” - Marcella Morello
    4th Grade - Maria Romagnoli
    5th Grade - Nora Gutierrez
    6th Grade - Sarah Burgoyne 
    7th Grade - Lucas Hurley
    8th Grade - Lucas Olaciregui

  • Catholic Value – Love

    Kinder A - Karla Jordan
    Kinder B - Andrea Rivero
    1st Grade - Benjamin Pedevilla
    2nd Grade - Victoria Ballestas
    3nd Grade “A” - Vanessa Londono
    3rd Grade “B” - Aya Bardawil
    4th Grade - Juliette Egea
    5th Grade - Leandra Obando
    6th Grade - Daniela Del Valle
    7th Grade - Angel Avedo
    8th Grade - Paola Belso

  • Catholic Values – Service

    Kinder A - Mariana Yunis
    Kinder B - Luis Armas
    1st Grade - Kaytlyn Dull
    2nd Grade - Rosany Perez
    3nd Grade “A” - Sofia Lisamore
    3rd Grade “B” - Kira Gutierrez
    4th Grade - Alba Haw
    5th Grade - Alvaro Sanson
    6th Grade - Hector Burnham Ugalde
    7th Grade - Veronica Cedeno
    8th Grade - Daniel Armesto

  • Catholic Values Respect for Human Dignity and Life

    Kinder A - Carlos Benitez
    Kinder B - Georgii Suslov
    1st Grade - Clementina Ortiz
    2nd Grade - Isabella Abreu
    3nd Grade “A” - Camila Egea
    3rd Grade “B” - Michaela Maffei
    4th Grade - Sofia Lambert
    5th Grade - Adrian Romero
    6th Grade - Denise Suarez
    7th Grade - Nicholas Rodriguez
    8th Grade - Joshua Marquez


St. Patrick Catholic School

As a center of innovation, learning, and advanced technology, St. Patrick School will challenge children of all abilities to achieve academic excellence, become life-long learners, and responsible
citizens devoted to Christ at St. Patrick.


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Mission Statement

The mission of St. Patrick School is to provide its students with a safe and nurturing environment that promotes Catholic values and academic excellence by placing God at the center of all learning.