Kinder A

Jesus always emphasized the true value of service and the importance of doing things solely from the kindness of our hearts. This student in Kinder A goes above and beyond to help others and never fails to notice those that are in need. She always works towards bettering the situations of her peers and does not see completing tasks as a competition but rather an opportunity to lend a helping hand. We are truly blessed and very proud to award Mariana Yunis for this month’s Catholic Values award of Service.

Kinder B

The student selected by the Kinder B class family shares his talents and gifts of service on a daily basis.  He is always helping and lending a hand to all of his peers as well as teachers.  He comes to school with a great attitude, does his very best work on every assignment, and consistently follows school expectations.  He helps to make our day brighter with his kind and giving heart!  For all of these reasons the Kinder B class family is happy to present the Catholic Value award for service to Luis Armas.

1st Grade

This generous young lady serves others with a joyful heart. She gives of herself without expecting anything in return. In class she is always willing to give her talents, time, knowledge, and share with her classmates. She participates in class service projects happily. Most importantly she gives her heart and soul to all those around her. This is why first grade celebrates Kaytlyn Dull as the winner of the Catholic Value Award.

2nd Grade

Ephesians Chapter 6 Verse 7 reads: Serve with your whole heart as if serving the Lord, not people.  Our class chose a student that exemplifies this Catholic value every day.  We know she doesn’t do it for herself, but rather, to make the Lord proud.  She offers her gifts and talents and lends not only a helping hand – she offers her heart.  Her willingness to serve comes almost as naturally as waking up every morning.  She doesn’t need to be asked – she just does it!  We are so incredibly lucky to have her in our class family.  The second grade class is proud to congratulate Rosany Perez!

3nd Grade “A”

Mother Teresa once said, “Faith in action is love, love in action is service.” This young lady consistently demonstrates her faith and love in her every day actions. Her kind sweet heart, helping hand and her devout beliefs have inspired all of us to be better people. Her heart always leads her way to serve whomever may need it and whenever she can and does so, willingly, even when it is a difficult path. She always makes the best choice in her path to serve the school, herself and God. We are honored to have her in our class family. 3A is proud to announce, Sofia Lisamore as our Catholic Value Winner.

3rd Grade “B”

Help others shine. (Philippians 2:3).  We want others to acknowledge our accomplishments, but in Philippians, Paul tells us to consider others better than ourselves.  Helping others showcase their gifts and talents is an awesome way to serve someone else.  This month our class has selected a student who has the ability to see beyond her personal concerns and empathize with others.  She acts with kindness and generosity without the expectation of getting credit for it.  She does it because it’s the right thing to do, and because it feels good to help other people when you have the capacity to do so.  This student is selfless in her ability to listen, in the level of patience, the time and love that she gives.  She is giving and generous in nature and has the power to make others feel loved, appreciated and special.  It is with great satisfaction that 3B nominates Kira Gutierrez as this month Catholic Value recipient.

4th Grade

Mother Teresa once said, “Silence is Prayer. Prayer is Faith. Faith is Love. Love is Service. The Fruit of Service is Peace.” The best way to show our love for life and every one in it, is through our actions. This month’s recipient constantly shows kindness, respect, and love to everyone. Her genuine interest and concern for her class family and their feelings is both inspirational and beautiful. She offers to help and support her school and class family whenever she has the chance. One of her classmates noted, “She offers a helping hand to everyone, even when they don’t ask her for help. She helps just because she wants to.” There is not one day that she does not have a smile on her face. Her genuine kindness and happiness is contagious. The fourth grade class is happy to award this month’s Catholic Value award to Alba Haw.

5th Grade

As Mahatma Ghandi said, “The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  It is said that when you lose yourself in service of others, we discover our own lives and happiness.  The 5th grade class family has chosen this student because he is the true meaning of the Catholic Value of Service.  He is unselfish, positive, humble, and considers everyone his friend.  He always lends a hand, shows courtesy to others, and always has kind words to say to his classmates.  We are happy to present this month’s Catholic Value award to Alvaro Sanson.

6th Grade

Service is a conscious choice to seek and fill the needs of others. Lending a helping hand and playing an active role in the community deepens our faith and allows us to grow in God’s love . This student takes initiative with his class duties and can be found daily bringing the class together to pray.  He can be found serving at the masses and always with enthusiasm and a smile. For these reasons and many more, the 6th grade class would like to thank Hector Burnham Ugalde for his service.

7th Grade

Douglas Adams wrote: “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” This student is always available when her classmates need help. She never hesitates to offer anyone a helping hand. She does this in spite of a very busy after school schedule. This is one of the many reasons why our class family has selected Veronica Cedeno as the Catholic Awards recipient for Service.

8th Grade

Service is the ability to give freely without expecting anything in return.  It was no surprise this student was selected by his class family for this month’s Catholic value award. This student is very charitable with his time. He is always willing to share his talents with his classmates and teachers with love. As quoted by Saint Mother Teresa, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  He is a role model and an inspiration to all. Our class family is delighted to present Daniel Armesto with this month’s Catholic value award.