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Baptism is the gateway to the sacraments and necessary for salvation by actual reception or at least by desire, is validly conferred only by a washing of true water with the proper form of words.

Through baptism men and women are freed from sin, are reborn as children of God, and, configured to Christ by an indelible character, are incorporated into the Church.

Children over the age of 7 and adults wishing to receive the sacrament of Baptism must go through a period of discernment and catechesis before they receive the Sacrament of Baptism. They must enroll in the RCIA program or Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Weekly meetings typically begin in mid-September in preparation for the reception of the sacrament of Baptism during the Easter Vigil.

Pope Francis catechesis on the Sacrament of Baptism: Part IPart II

Baptism for children

In order to baptize a child under the age of seven at St. Patrick Church, you have to live within the parish boundaries, or be a registered parishioner, or obtain proper authorization from the parish that corresponds to your address, the parents of the baby or at least one of them or the person who legitimately takes their place must consent to the child being baptized and there must be a founded hope that the infant will be brought up in the Catholic religion. Regular participation in Sunday Mass is the chief way to inspire hope that the child will be brought up in the practice of the Catholic faith. If such hope is altogether lacking, and the child is not in immediate danger of death, the celebration of baptism will be delayed.  Children who are older than 7 years old must receive Catechesis prior to their Baptism.

Baptisms are celebrated at St. Patrick every Sunday at 2:00 pm. The first Sunday of every month the celebration is in Spanish and the following Sundays in English. There are no baptisms during the season of Lent.

The celebration of Baptism must be properly prepared.  Parents and sponsors must be properly instructed on the meaning of the sacrament and the obligations attached to their roles.

Parents preparation and Obligations

For the grace of Baptism to unfold, the parents’ help is important. A child is not admitted to baptism without the consent of both parents.

Parents are required to do the following:

  • Fill out a Baptism Registration form.
  • Submit a copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Submit written permission from the parish in which you reside or worship, if other than St. Patrick.
  • Attend a Baptism Class. See below for Baptism Classes at St. Patrick Church.
  • Choose godparents who will participate in the Catholic formation of their child.
  • Have godparents submit proof of their own baptism and confirmation.
  • Educate their children in their faith, especially by the way they live their own baptismal calling.


Baptism Classes

Baptism classes at St. Patrick Church are held the last Tuesday of every month in English and the last Wednesday of every month in Spanish. Both classes begin promptly at 7:00pm on the second floor of Barry Hall.

Barry Hall is located at 3703 N. Meridian Ave. That is behind the church, next to the parking lot and is surrounded by a white fence.

When classes are taken in another Parish, a certificate or statement from that church must be presented stating the date of the class.


Parish Contact

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Email: parish@stpatrickmiamibeach.com

Download Baptism Registration Form

Godparents Preparation And Obligations

The role of the godfather and godmother is also important. They are chosen by the parents of the child to be baptized. They should be firm believers, able and ready to help the newly baptized to grow in their Catholic faith.

Church law requires that a godparent or sponsor be at least sixteen years old, have received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation, and be a practicing Catholic.  A catholic person who has not completed his/her Christian initiation (that is, has not received First Communion and Confirmation), or if they are not catholic, they may serve as Christian witnesses but not as godparents.

Godparents or sponsors must submit proof of their own baptism and confirmation.

Godparents must attend, together with the parents, a Baptism preparation class, preferably at St. Patrick Catholic Church. See below for Baptism classes at St. Patrick Church.

Only one godparent or sponsor is required. If there are two, there should be one of each sex. If one of the godparents cannot be present in person, he or she may appoint another person to represent him or her by proxy.



We strongly encourage you to make a donation to our parish to help us defray our expenses. We suggest a donation in the amount of $300.00 or more. We kindly ask you to make your donation when you complete the registration form for baptism. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. If your current financial situation is such that you cannot make a donation, please let us know.


Registration For Baptism

The baby is not considered registered for Baptism until ALL requirements are fulfilled, and then the date for the baptism will be confirmed. It is your responsibility to make sure all the requirements are completed at the stipulated times.