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Emmanuel Community

The Emmanuel Community is a Catholic lay international community that brings together faithful that share a common call and commit themselves to actively live their faith in their daily lives thus fulfilling their call as the first believers did who had “only one heart and one soul!” (Acts 4:32).

It is for men and women of all walks of life: from ordinary, professional and social life, of different classes, ages and nationalities. We are a community made up of different vocations: married couples, single men and women, youth, priests and lay men and women consecrated in celibacy. The members form a strong bond and unity that is lived and witnessed to others in the joy and compassion of living a life centered on Jesus Christ.

This unity is expressed in a particular fraternal life through weekly gatherings known as households as well as monthly meetings and national meetings. These allow brothers and sisters to come together to reinvigorate their call to serve the Lord, the Church and one another. The unity is also manifested in the various services of compassion and evangelization held both locally and nationally.

The Emmanuel community’s foundation is based upon three main pillars: Adoration, Compassion and Evangelization.

If you would like to discover more about us, you can visit our website at www.emmanuelcommunity.com

In Miami, our local community meets regularly at St. Patrick Catholic Church. You can find more about our meeting schedule or our local community by sending an e-mail to Paola or Emilio at siegia@gmail.com