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Guidelines for visiting the sick in their homes under quarantine to distribute Holy Communion

Persons quarantined in their homes under the threat of the coronavirus may request a visit from the priest, deacon or lay Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist.

  • A phone call to the patient to learn the circumstances of the quarantine:  How long has the patient been quarantined? What is the patient’s current status?  Has the patient been tested and diagnosed with COVID-19? Are other family members present to assist in the visit? Is the patient using a mask to reduce transmission?
  • A patient who is at home is likely not severely ill.  With a mask in use, with other family member(s) present to assist the patient to momentarily remove the mask and with Communion received in the hand, a brief visit (1-2 minutes at the bedside) of the priest, deacon, or EME, is not likely to be unduly hazardous to the otherwise healthy person.  (the FL Public Health Department suggested close and prolonged contact with an infected person is a concern for transmission of the disease).
  • Other than the 1-2 minutes at the bedside to distribute Communion, the visiting priest, deacon or EME should stand at a distance from the patient (more than 6’) to speak with and pray with the patient.  The patient should be wearing a mask.  No physical contact should be made with the patient other than placing the Host in the hand of the patient who then briefly removes the mask to consume the Host.
  • Hands of the visitor should be fully and carefully washed before leaving the home and nothing should be touched as the home is exited.  Hands should be fully and carefully washed upon arriving back at the parish.
  • A disinfectant wipe should be used to wipe down the car door handle, the steering wheel and any other areas of the car that have been touched while traveling.

Reviewed and approved
FL Dept of Public Health (Miami office)
March 13, 2020