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Registration: Step 3

Prepare Materials for Your Appointment with the DRE

Here’s a list of what you should have been submitted prior to meeting with DRE:

I. Forms

A. Parent Agreement and Consent – if a child is not Baptized this form must be signed by both parents.  This form will be reviewed and electronically signed during meeting.  Last year’s form provided as sample.(English / Español)

B. Parent Rights and Responsibilities of Divorced/Separated Parents​ ( English )

C. Letter of Completion – If you are transferring to our Faith Formation Program from another Catholic School or Catholic Parish Program, we will need a letter of completion from the prior institution before we place your child in a class.​​

II. Certificates

These forms should have been uploaded in the Pre-Registration Form.  They were not necessary if your child was enrolled in our program last year.

A. Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate.

B. Copy of Child’s Baptismal Certificate.

C. Copy of Child’s First Communion Certificate (If Applicable)

III. Fees

Registration Fees (and any applicable activity fees).
1st Child $60   |   2nd Child $40   |   3rd Child $20
Each additional Child $20   |   Activities Fees $40 (If Applicable)

Late Registration Fees (For Pre-Registrations and/or Registration Appointments after September 12th)
1st Child $100   |   2nd Child $60   |   3rd Child  $40
Each additional Child $40   |   Activities Fees $40 (If Applicable)

* Payment is accepted via credit card using the Pre-Registration Form.
* Withdrawals made before classes begin (Sept 12) are 100% refundable.
* Withdrawals made between the start of class (Sept 12) and the end of the Registration Period (September 30th) will be refunded 50% of the total registration fee.
* Withdrawals made after the Registration Period closes (September 30th) are non-refundable.