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Sunday School

CCD or Sunday School are the traditional names given to Religious education programs or catechesis for children in Catholic parishes. Children enrolled in St. Patrick Catholic School and other Catholic schools typically receive their religious education as part of the School curriculum.

The name CCD is an acronym for Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, a title that was used for Catechetical meetings organized in parishes.

St. Patrick Catholic Church has a Sunday School program for children and teenagers ages 4 to 17. The school is organized by grade. Children are assigned to grades based on their age and their knowledge of the faith.

Sunday School is not just a program to prepare children for the reception of one or more sacraments but for them to receive Christian formation. While great care is taken in the preparation for the reception of the sacraments, parents are encouraged to enroll their children for every year of formation and not just as immediate preparation for a sacrament.

Our Sunday School year goes from September through May. Classes meet every Sunday after 9:30 AM Mass in the School building. A calendar is published at the beginning of every school year.