St. Patrick Preschool is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. NAEYC administers the largest and most widely recognized accreditation system for all types of early childhood programs and child care centers. NAEYC is the nation’s largest organization of early childhood educators.

Early childhood programs accredited by the NAEYC Academy for Early Childhood Program Accreditation have voluntarily undergone a comprehensive process of internal self-study, invited external professional review to verify compliance with the Criteria for High-Quality Early Childhood Programs, and been found to be in substantial compliance with the criteria. The criteria can be found on NAEYC’s Web site at  Accreditation is renewed every five years to ensure that our school is consistently giving the best possible education to our students.

Our preschool is a Quality Counts Four Star preschool. Quality Counts is a quality rating improvement system designed and funded by The Children’s Trust in partnership with the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade. It is administered in collaboration with Florida International University, Family Central Inc., Devereux Florida, The Children’s Forum, United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education, University of Miami Mailman Center for Child Development, Citrus Health Network, Web-Based Early Learning System, Advocacy Network on Disabilities, and the University of Florida.

Quality Counts is a voluntary rating system that reviews early learning programs according to clearly defined, high quality standards using a five star method of evaluation and offers supports and incentives to help providers reach their goals.  Accreditation is renewed every 18 months to ensure our school is always improving in both learning environment and in professional development.

Our school is an approved Gold Seal Quality Care Program by The Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade. We meet additional standards promoting quality in our program.

St. Patrick Preschool is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). Our facility has complied with Chapter 65C-22, Florida Administrative Code, Child Care Standards, adopted by the Department and authorized in sections 402.301-402.319, Florida Statues. The license is renewed annually.