Our programs


5 months to 3 year old. Parents and children together will spend this time exploring the joy of playing together in a fun educational program.

We will provide a safe, nurturing, comfortable, and stimulating environment that addresses each child’s developmental needs, so as to allow every child to achieve their greatest potential.

The class will be taught by a St. Patrick Preschool staff member, Ms. Claudia Tapia, who has an A.S. degree in Early Childhood Education. She will guide the adults to interact with their children in many activities to exercise their child’s mind and body. Both adult and child will benefit from helpful and informative experiences and ideas.


Toddlers ages 12 months to 28 months need to explore, discover and learn about the world around them. 

Our staff provides a safe and nurturing environment where plan activities so children learn new things and learn new vocabulary on a daily basis.  The High Scope curriculum model works perfectly for this age since every child learns in a different way.  Sensory experiences and vocabulary rich activities are varied and plentiful!

Ratio: For every 4 children there is 1 adult. The maximum class size is 12 children.


Toddlers 29 months to 36 months are ready to engage in play based learning and are eager to communicate their needs, wants and ideas with others.

Children at this age flourish with a more structured daily routine that provides opportunities for small group time learning as well as large group time learning.   Children practice social skills, large motor and small motor skills that will be built on in our Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 classrooms. Daily activities are planned based on children’s interest following Florida Standards.

Ratio: For every 6 children there is 1 adult. The maximum class size is 18 children.


Three year olds thrive with our High Scope Curriculum Model! 

At this stage it is easy to see Pre-Reading, Pre-Writing skills, Science, Social Studies and basic Math concepts being learned using hands on manipulatives.  Our research based curriculum and thoroughly trained teachers make learning come alive for these eager explorers.

Ratio: For every 9 children there is 1 adult. The maximum class size is 18 children.


The four year olds are engaged not only in project based learning but their activities include lessons in Math, Social Studies, Science and Language and Literacy.  

Planning is also based on the interest of the children following the Florida Standards. The High Scope approach includes these small group lessons as well as learning through play.

Ratio: For every 10 children there is 1 adult. The maximum class size is 20 children.