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Parent’s Association of St. Patrick Preschool

The Parents’ Association (‘Association”) of St. Patrick Preschool (‘Preschool’) was established in 1997. It is an active organization between all parents of children enrolled and the administration and teachers of the Preschool.


The purpose of the Association is to enrich and support the educational lives of the children enrolled in the Preschool and their families. The Association has as its objectives the following:

  1. To promote communication between parents and the Preschool’s administration and teachers.
  2. To create and direct activities and functions to generate funds for school improvement or supplement school income.
  3. To foster opportunities for social interchange among parents and teachers.
  4. To encourage and enhance participation of all parents in the preschool’s activities.
  5. To support the educational process in all its forms; and
  6. To address concerns raised by parents, teachers and administration.


The Association is expected to support the Preschool in the activities sponsored by the Preschool throughout the school year. At the summer annual meeting, the Association will designate a parent to represent each class at Association meeting, and to assist the Association in coordinating activities among the classes. Additionally, the Association will host the following events:

  1. Teacher Welcome Breakfast
  2. Annual Covered Dish Dinner
  3. Spring Fund Raiser
  4. Parent Picnic
  5. Movie Night
  6. Teacher Appreciation Day
  7. Book Fair
  8. Easter Parties
  9. Christmas Bazaar
  10. Art Gallery Night

This list may change from year to year. It is expected that the chairperson designated to lead each of these activities will be selected at the annual summer meeting and will serve until the conclusion of the particularly activity.


The officers of the Association shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and shall be elected by the membership present at the summer annual meeting called by the Preschool’s Director. They shall assume their positions immediately upon election. These officers will serve for a period of one (1) year, and shall be eligible for re-election. There is no limit on the number of terms they can serve.  Any vacancy in any office arising prior to the summer annual meeting shall be filled for the unexpired term by the Director. The duties consist of the following:

The President shall
  1. Preside at all meetings of the Association.
  2. Appoint, direct or otherwise create special committee with the approval of the Director.
  3. Be a member ex-officio of all committees.
  4. Notify committee chairperson of their selections and duties.
  5. Keep the general membership adequately informed about the activities of the Association.
  6. Inform the director of all meetings of the association.
  7. Coordinate the Association’s efforts with its counterpart at Patrick School as appropriate
  8. Communicate regularly, and in no event less than bi-weekly, with the Director as to the activities of the Association; and:
  9. Perform duties that my be required by the Association
The Vice-President shall
  1. Act as an aide to the President.
  2. Automatically fulfill the duties and responsibilities for the President in his/her absence; and:
  3. Perform duties that may be required by the Association.
The Secretary shall
  1. Keep a written record of all general meetings of the Association and give a copy to the President and Director within 2 weeks after the meeting; and:
  2. Perform duties that may be required by the Association.
The Treasurer shall
  1. Keep accurate records of receipts and disbursements.
  2. Present a brief financial report at general meetings; and:
  3. Perform duties that may be required by the Association.
The Event Coordinator shall
  1. Schedule events with the President
  2. Plan event planning meetings and take minutes
  3. Perform duties that may be required by the Association
The Homeroom Parent Coordinator
  1. Communicate with all Homeroom Parents about upcoming events
  2. Establish effective communication (group chat, e-mail, phone calls) within each classroom
  3. Perform duties that may be required by the Association