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Academic Enhancement Committee

AEC is the St. Patrick’s School Academic Enhancement Committee made up of faculty, administration, select parents and school parishioners.  Its purpose is to promote academic excellence and enhance the educational and spiritual experience of the students.  All programs and policies implemented are consistent with the school’s mission and strategic plan.

AEC is comprised of six subcommittees, all with the same goals but focusing on different areas.  The six subcommittees are: Catholic Identity, Curriculum, Marketing, Strategic, Technology, and the Arts.

Some of AEC accomplishments in the past years include the introduction of the Faith Connects Us program, the preschool to Kinder recruitment activities, enhancements to school’s website, implementation of the new family mentorship program, development of the school’s technology plan which upgraded all classroom’s smart boards and recommended new software improving teaching resources, the beautification of the campus including both courtyards among many others.

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