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Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive classroom management program and a social-emotional curriculum that teaches adults and children self-discipline by promoting life management skills such as anger and stress management, team work, assertive communication and empathy.


Each month St. Patrick School focuses on one Catholic value. Students from each class recognize a peer who best exemplifies the Christian value selected for that month. These students are recognized during the weekly school mass and are treated to a special breakfast. Examples of these Catholic values include obedience, honesty, compassion, joy, respect, patience, tolerance and generosity.


The Academic Excellence Committee (AEC) is comprised of parents and faculty members whose mission is to promote academic excellence at St. Patrick School. The AEC is involved in the evaluation and introduction of programs and activities geared at expanding the academic program, assists in fostering our Catholic identity and faith, contributes to the enhancement of professional development of faculty/staff, and assists in the promotion of technological advancements as a means of furthering the curriculum. The AEC was instrumental in bringing SMART Boards and other technological advancements to the school, initiating Shamrock Literary (our literary magazine), Career Week, and promoting the school’s arts program through various initiatives.