Corpus Christi CCD Toy Drive

October 23, 2020

Dear SPS Families,

For the past 23 years St. Patrick School has been sponsoring the Corpus Christi CCD Toy Drive. As you know, Corpus Christi is our “sister” parish and most of the children that attend the CCD program come from very low-income families. In some cases, the gift that these children receive from us may be the only gift they receive this Christmas season. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students and families to experience the blessings and satisfaction that comes from helping those who are less fortunate.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Sr. Carmen Alvarez, the coordinator of this event has requested that all donations come in form of a $20.00 gift card from either TARGET or WALMART. We will NOT be collecting toys as in past years. If your family would like to participate in this very worthy cause, all you need to do is send the gift card to the homeroom teacher with your child. Students that are on the virtual platform may drop-off the gift card at the school office (Attention: Stella).

The deadline to send a card is Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.


Bertha Moro