Test Masters 2020

Students who score in the 85th national percentile or higher in both Reading and Mathematics on the Terra Nova Standardized Test given in February/March of each year are automatically inducted into The Test Masters Hall of Fame.

We want to acknowledge and congratulate the following students for their achievements on the Terra Nova Standardized Test – February/March 2020:

Grade 2

Justin Bae
Emma Gempton
Ella Lopez
Mikaela Pacheco
Leo Passon
Alfredo Siebert
Max George
Noah Lopes
Isabella Shoenholtz
Judah Souto
Valentina Velazquez

Grade 3

Joaquin Alemany
Carlos Benitez
Maya Choban
Nick Garciga
Julian Giraut
Karla Jordan
Samuel Zapata
Claudio Daulong

Grade 4

Jimmy Baker
Mena Griego
Valentina Pizzorni

Grade 5

Daniel Auza
Emma Bossard
Santiago Fernandez
Sofia Lis Lopez
Maxime Massat

Grade 6

Gabriel Farina
Miguel Farina
Sofia Lisamore
Valentino Morales-Salas

Grade 7

Sofia Lambert
Valentina Azcarate
Ariel Carvajal
Sebastian Charris
Paloma Lopes
Marco Prealoni
Victor Rodriguez

We congratulate these students and are very proud of their achievements. We hope that many students that were very close to making it this year will continue to work hard and become part of the “Test Masters” next year!