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“In regard to Angels in Action, we purchased uniforms for children in need, school supplies, and some are even being assisted with transportation to and from school. We are also supporting 15 who are now young adults with full scholarships to university professions such as doctors, psychologists, engineers. We even have a beautiful testimony from a young man who was being sponsored with his studies and halfway through he asked us to give the same support to another student as he was able to work and continue paying for his studies! This is what we want to see among those being assisted, it truly represents God’s presence.”


Maricel Cuevas of “Angels in Action, Inc.

“I am so grateful with St. Patrick School. This place has planted a very strong seed in my daughters’ hearts, en su vida espiritual y académica. No hay palabras para agradecer a las maestras y a la administracion cada día y cada minuto de sus vidas dedicadas a servir a nuestros hijos. Bendiciones ”


Claudia Z Y

“Thank you so very much for your continued support it does make a huge difference in how we’re changing lives especially with their studies. Blessings.”


Maricel, Angels in Action

“The Wolfson family has been at St. Patrick Preschool and School since roughly 2008 (my son Jake is now 14 in 8th grade at Belen, and my daughter Ally is now 12 in 6th grade at St. Pat’s). This school community has truly meant the world to our family. It has provided the perfect nurturing environment for our children – one where they can thrive in a quality academic environment with the primary focus of living our Catholic faith in everything they do.”


Andrea W.

“I am always thrilled when I see an application from a student at St. Patrick’s come across my desk.  The students from your school are some of the most respectful, talented, sincere, and dedicated students I have met in my 23 years in education.  They always come to Miami Country Day School as students who are eager to learn, to get involved, and to have the best high school experience they possibly can.  Over the years, some have succeeded in academics.  Some have succeeded in the arts.  Some have succeeded in athletics.  And some have succeeded in community service.  But they have all succeeded!  We love St. Patrick’s students and we hope that they love Miami Country Day School.”


Glen Turf, Miami Country Day High School Upper School Director

“St. Patrick School is the best kept secret in Miami Beach.”


James Cooney
Assistant Superintendent of Orlando Diocese & Chairperson of 2009 Accreditation Committee

“These students are every teacher’s dream.” “Delightful students to have in class. They put forth their best efforts.”


La Salle High School

“Our experience with St. Patrick School alumni has been overwhelmingly positive. They have had extraordinary success at Belen and have demonstrated that the Jesuit education they receive here at a college preparatory school is compatible with the education they receive at St. Patrick School. My congratulations to you and your staff for the quality of education that these young men and women are exposed to at your school.”


Father Guillermo M. García-Tuñón, S.J., Ed.D.
Principal, Belen Jesuit Preparatory School

“Christopher Columbus High School has found that students entering from St. Patrick School have been polite and well prepared to begin their high school career and studies. The transformation from middle school to high school has been very smooth due to the preparation received from St. Patrick School.”


Brother Michael Brady
Principal, Christopher Columbus High School

“The children of St. Patrick School are touching the lives of families that seem isolated by the world. By the support that St. Patrick School is offering, they feel loved, wanted, respected and that they are no different from other people (other than the fact that their financial resources are little to none). With no doubt your help is living proof that you are answering to God’s words when He stated, ‘Do unto others as you would do unto me.’”


Maricel Cuevas
Director & Founder, Angels in Action